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Idea Scars

Video Styleframe No.1

Over the past few months I’ve become keenly aware that I forget thoughts like a snake sheds skin.

New ideas arrive and strip off the old, rendering me awe-struck by the rapid pace at which the mind regenerates old patterns into ones it stupidly identifies as new.

After all, dead ideas leave no scars or monuments to be remembered by. So how are we to learn or innovate?

We can deny how important the historical contiuum that marks our thought life is when we have the luxury of forgetting. When forward motion is such an ecstatic task that to look back is for fools. But who has the luxury of forgetting? Those who have no stake in memory. People or movements who gain more from existing within novelty (typically youth or privileged people-groups) and already have an unquestionable institution on which to stand upon.

Styleframe No. 2

Video Styleframe No. 2

We do not have that luxury and I believe we will be stronger for it. We are finding our legs at the moment and may find them a little wobbly. A giant that has been in a coma for an unusually long time tends to find that his (or her) legs are sorely underdeveloped due to decades of not walking.

Ideological physical therapy—institutional re/membrance if you will—is necessary in the life of our historic movement. We need to remember how to use muscles we forget we even had in the first place. We need to flex first, then begin to run.

To trace our movements in the coming months I’ve decided to write more often, as we try to steer a noble and stumbling behemoth into the limelight.

Let’s hope too much light doesn’t make the [giant] baby go blind. Let’s hope it’s less about being surrounded by light and more about running in a direction we can be proud of.


2 thoughts on “Idea Scars

  1. Really very interesting Samuel, I love the idea of our past informing our current and future without us becomming being in bondage to our history. Our forefathers can inspire us a great deal. I feel we have, in many cases lost our mission drive and have become beholden to he or she who pays the piper. That surely is one of the skins we have to shed. loking forward to future observations.

  2. Absolutely, Ken.

    I love your statement on shedding skin since it plays off of a statement in my opening paragraph and takes it in a different direction. Where I intended to communicate a certain irritation about forgetting ideas, you take the image to convey a necessary process of change in how we cover and present ourselves at the most basic level, so that we may always choose to be a truer, more relevant iteration of who we have been and who we are being.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on the post Ken! I also look forward to receiving further thoughts and ideas from your slice of world.

    Un abrazo fuerte,


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